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Use this interactive tool to see how long common foods will keep in your refrigerator, freezer and pantry shelf. You can also print our “How long will it keep?” chart to keep as a reference in your kitchen.

FoodShelfRefrigeratorFreezerInstructions (if any)
Food Shelf Refrigerator Freezer Instructions (if any)
2 weeks

Avocados Until ripe 2-5 days (once ripe)

Bananas Until ripe 2 days (once ripe)

Beef steak
2-3 days 10-12 months
10 days
Loosely cover blueberries before placing them in the fridge.
Bread (store bought) 2-4 days 7-14 days 1-3 months
3-7 days

Canola oil 12-18 months (unopened)
6-9 months (opened)
12 months (opened)

2-4 weeks

2 weeks

Cereal 8 months (unopened)
3 months (opened)

Cheese (hard)
3-6 months (unopened) 3-4 weeks (opened)

Cheese (soft)
Check “best before” date (unopened)
7 days (opened)

Chicken, turkey slices
1-2 days

2-7 days
If corn is already husked, place in a damp towel and a plastic bag for storage.
7 days

Check “best before” date

Fish (salmon, trout)
2-3 days 2-3 months
Fish (sole, cod, pike)
2-3 days 3-6 months
Fruit juice
3 weeks (unopened)
7-10 days (opened)

Garlic Up to 4 months

5 days

4-7 days

Ketchup 1 year (unopened) 6 months (opened)

Lamb chops
2-3 days 8-10 months
7 days

Lemons, limes 7 days 1 month

7 days

8 months (unopened)
1-3 months (opened)
6-12 months (unopened)
Mayonnaise Check “best before” date (unopened) 6-8 weeks (opened)

Meat (ground)
1-2 days 2-3 months
Meat slices
2-3 days

Melons, whole Until ripe 3-7 days (once ripe)
Normally, whole watermelons will last longer in the fridge than other melons.
Check “best before” date 3 months
5 days
Store mushrooms in paper bag.
Nuts, canned (unopened) 12 months

Nuts, package (unopened) 3 months

Nuts, salted (opened)
6-8 months

Nuts, unsalted (opened)
9-12 months

Olive oil 9-12 months (unopened)
6-7 months (opened)
12 months (opened)

Onions 3 weeks

Oranges 7 days 1 month

Pasta, dried Several years

Peanut butter 6-9 months (unopened)
2-3 months (opened)

Pears Until ripe 3-7 days (once ripe)

Peppers (hot)
1-2 weeks
Store hot peppers in a paper bag.
Peppers (sweet)
7 days

Plums Until ripe 5 days (once ripe)

Pork chops/ribs
2-3 days 8-10 months
Potatoes 1 month

Store potatoes in a paper bag.
Rice, brown 6 months

Rice, white Several years

Salad dressing, store bought Check “best before” date (unopened) Check “best before” date (opened)

Salsa 12 months (unopened) 2 weeks (opened)

3-4 days

2 days
Loosely cover strawberries before placing them in the fridge.
Sugar, brown 4 months

Sugar, white 2 years

Sweet potatoes/yams 2-3 weeks

Tomato sauce 12 months (unopened) 5 days (opened)

Tomatoes Until ripe 2-3 days (once ripe)

Veal chops
2-3 days 4-5 months
Vinegar 2 years (unopened)
1 year (opened)

Yogurt (opened)
Check “best before” date (unopened)
7-10 days (opened)
1-2 months (unopened)

Find out how to store your food properly.


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